Achieving 5G and 6G development with mmW-SDR Testbed



mmW-SDR = mmWave Technology + Software Defined Radio

Explore how mmWave technology is revolutionizing wireless research across various fields, including 5G/6G, SATCOM, radar, and Joint Communication and Radar Sensing (JCRS). This webinar focuses on mmW-SDR, which combines mmWave Technology and Software Defined Radio (SDR), providing a glimpse into its potential.

Discover the capabilities of the mmW-SDR bundle by TMYTEK and NI through a detailed examination of cutting-edge testbeds featuring TMYTEK BBox 5G beamformers, UD Box 5G frequency converters, and NI Ettus USRP X410. In addition, mmW-OAI is extended from mmW-SDR, deeply integrated with the OAI open-source stack for 5G FR2 End-to-End (E2E) test network experiments and trials. Gain practical insights into leveraging mmW-SDR to drive innovation in wireless communication systems.

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Specific topics include:
  • mmWave developments in 5G/6G and challenges
  • TMYTEK mmWave testbed features based on SDR/X410
  • How to do beam steering, transmit and analyze 5G/6G, NTN, JCAS, sensing, etc.
  • Open Air Interface Reference Architecture for 5G / 6G
  • LabVIEW reference architecture 
Webinar Date
  • China - April 24, 2024 at 10 am CST 
  • US & EMEA - May 2, 2024 at 11 am EDT



Time Agenda Item
25 min Huge market of mmWave and TMYTEK mmW-SDR Testbed 
15 min NI Wireless Prototype System X410
20 min Video & Live Demo & QA



Malay Duggar

Chief Offering Manager
Portfolio Business unit, NI


Ethan Lin

Co-Founder and Vice President

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