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TMYTEK’s leading mmWave technology meets OAIBOX, the best OpenAirInterface implementation, resulting in a complete 5G FR2 end-to-end testing network for research and small-scale deployment.

mmW-OAI Architecture

Base station (BS)
OAIBOX runs gNB and CN5G. The antenna ports of OAIBOX connect to SDR, which acts as a transceiver and the UD Box converts the uplink/downlink signal. At any given moment, the UD Box either transmits or receives mmWave signals to/from the 5G beamformer.

User equipment (UE)
Three types of UEs are suited for different scenarios. OAI UE offers the most flexibility for network and wireless developers. UEs such as the iPhone 14 Pro provide the most commercialized experiences, and COTS UEs lie somewhere in-between.

Structure of mmW-OAI

Key Features & Benefit


Out-of-Box 5G Open RAN and Core Network Solution.


Elastic Testbed for Protocol Development and Testing Evaluation.


Flexible Configuration for Beam Management and CSI Testbeds.

mmW-OAI Applications


mmW-OAI is a complete 5G FR2 end-to-end testing network ideal for research applications. Its open-source nature and full control allow researchers to customize and optimize the network to their specific needs.

Private network

mmW-OAI provides a complete 5G FR2 end-to-end testing network perfect for small-scale deployment. Its open-source nature and full control make it an excellent platform for building private networks, providing organizations with greater control over their 5G network infrastructure.

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