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Key Features and Benefits

Technology migration means equipment needs to be upgraded to fulfill development demands. From RF design challenges of Sub-6 GHz up to mmWave band, and communication system development from 5G NR FR2, SATCOM to Radar, what you need is a seamless transition testbed that can leverage existing equipment.

The system has a built-in programmable intermediate frequency with wide bandwidth and low phase noise, to produce wide-range radio frequency that provides a highly flexible application usage. The solution has been tried, tested, and validated with most Sub-6 GHz instruments to guarantee uncompromised performance.


Seamless upgrade by utilizing existing equipment to maximize CAPEX and minimize OPEX, the sync feature makes multi-channel experiments possible


Ultra-wideband RF fulfills various mmWave applications and can be further integrated into the testing system


Tested and validated with most Sub-6 GHz instruments and emulators for guaranteed performance

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Multi-Channel Research and Applications Made Possible

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