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Key Features and Benefits

TMYTEK is offering one-stop AiP design services to fulfill different antenna system requirements for various applications, from the ground, maritime, and air communication. The design capabilities support SATCOM, 5G/B5G to 6G that covers a dozen GHz to one hundred GHz frequencies, and antenna elements from small scale 8x8 up to large matrix 64x64 and even larger. It offers well-balanced high EIRP performances, thermal and compact size in one solid tile-based design. Contributed by the deep-dive ecosystem collaboration, TMYTEK’s design is the only choice for the best cost-effective and time-efficient solution for essential performance.


100% in-house design, and further optimization possible with AI-influenced development for time-efficiency and performance.

Material & Manufacture

100% owned, controlled materials, and production know-how to empower the ecosystem value chain for customer success.

OTA Testing

20x times the testing speed over traditional methods while offering the best cost and excellent quality, this breakthrough innovation solved various OTA test challenges.

Application for AiP


mmWave is the key technology in offering ultra-high network capacity. The mmWave fronthaul is designed within the moveable radio unit (RU) or integrated into the macro/small cell that includes a distributed unit (DU)/centralized unit (CU) for flexible deployment. And the phased array antenna is the solution for compensating the path loss of mmWave band, and applying it to beamforming and MIMO systems to fulfill application requirements to guarantee user experiences. TMYTEK AiP system offers the total solution for 5G O-RAN RU from antenna beamformer, frequency up/down converter to Low-PHY integration.

Key Features and Benefits

• 5G FR2 band support - n257, n258, n261
• 8x8 tile-based and dual-polarization
• IF/IQ mode ready
• Ultra-High EIRP

SATCOM Terminal

Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite means it is close to the Earth with low latency and higher throughput features, it would revolutionize the internet services. Its signal travels so fast and to track from the ground terminal requires effort. TMYTEK’s AiP solution evaluated the high EIRP large antenna array for quick prototyping, and it is also capable of low latency beam steering and tile design features to benefit the user terminal performance.

Key Features and Benefits

• Ku/Ka band support and L band (IF) ready
• 8x8, 16x16 tile-based and H/V & circular polarization
• ACU (Antenna Control Unit) for tracking satellites
• LTCC process know-how from material to manufacture
• Commercial and defense ready
• Extreme weather resistant

Covered Size

Custom sizes are available upon request; please contact us.

Covered Frequency & Application

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AiP is Needed for mmWave

Reduce Path Loss

In 5G mmWave RF module, the antenna must be close to the beamforming circuit as much as possible to reduce the path losses. Antenna-in-Package (AiP) technology turns into an elegant solution.

Size and Cost

5G NR mmWave base station and small cell cares about the dimension and the size of the device. AiP provides very compact form factor to be acted as an RU in gNB.

AiP Design Consideration

patch or slot
meet FR2 bands
ain, beamwidth
size vs perf
flow design
power capacity

Antenna to ORAN

TMYTEK offers 3 types of packagings that fulfill your needs in developing products.

The structure of AiP

Antenna and beamformer

TMYTEK is capable of various types of antenna to work with beamformer chips in 28/39/60/77 GHz bands. Antenna BW, gain, steering coverage and polarizations are well modeled to make sure EIRP and other indexes meet the customers.

Up & down conversion

To realize mosaic structure to form a large array by repeating unit AiP module, integrate IF from/to RF circuits into the package is critical to have I/O pin work in IF. A mixer and BPF needed to be integrated into the package, too.


ORAN opens up the opportunities for the base station ecosystem. The new split 7.2 relieves the load of the front haul network. We need the integration of Low PHY in the RU module. We build sophisticated AiP modules for the future.

PCB. 8x8. IF-ready.

8x8 PCB based AiP with mixer and doubler. RF complies with 5G n261 band, IF is 3-5 GHz. 12 layers of PCB with customizable thickness of each layer for performance optimization. A larger array can be formed by repeating multiple unit modules

LTCC. 16X16. L Band Ready

ESA technology promises the ramp-up of LEO/ multilayered ground terminals. TMYTEK has extensive experiences and resources in Ku/Ka band ESA/PAA design, verification, and manufacturing. With the successful LTCC process, the system provides high stable performance such as ability to operate in extreme weather conditions with outstanding heat dissipation performance, coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) match to bare die and zero moisture absorption.

LTCC. 26 layers

TMYTEK worked with Japanese Low Temperature Cofired Ceramic (LTCC) technology company to realize a 4x4 unit AiP module. A 26 layers design integrates 4x4 slot antenna elements and 4 of beamforming chips. A mixer and a multiplier chips are also included to build an IF-ready module.

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