Ground Terminal Electronic Steering Antenna Solution

Ground Terminal Electronic Steering Antenna Solution

Ground Terminal Electronic Steering Antenna Solution

TMYTEK focuses on electronic steering antenna (ESA) for ground station, capable of design, manufacture and testing, and collaborates with DuPont™, the strategic partnership, to showcase the world’s largest 256-element commercial and defense ready LTCC Ka-band antenna array with 12x12 cm, as well as Ku-band with 64-element.

MP8000 mmWave ATEMP8000 mmWave ATE

Ku/Ka-band ESA/PAA

ESA technology promises the ramp-up of LEO/ multilayered ground terminals. TMYTEK has extensive experiences and resources in Ku/Ka-band ESA/PAA design, verification, and manufacturing.

MP8000 mmWave ATE

DuPont™ MCM LTCC Material Systems

DuPont™ GreenTape™ LTCC Material Systems for high frequency application are designed to deliver best reliability/performance vs. system level cost in multiple ways.

High Frequency

  • Stable Dk/very low Df performance under different frequencies in mmWave up to 100GHz
  • Flexible design and 5 to 80 typical layer count
  • High integration (antenna, EBG, cavities, etc.)
  • Full package in metallization, plating compatible

High Reliability
  • Stable Dk/Df under different temperature environment
  • Outstanding heat dissipation performance
  • Coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) match to bare die
  • Zero moisture absorption

MP8000 mmWave ATE

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