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Key Features & Benefit

The only testing method for mmWave antenna is Over-The-Air due to a large number of RF channels or an antenna system designed into a single package without RF connectors. The traditional CATR chamber testing method is to rotate the DUT and measure the parameters by horn antennas that are super slow and limit the test coverage. The XBeam solution is the breakthrough innovative phased array antenna testing method that is ultra-fast and with a ultra-small footprint. Not only measuring the power amplitude but also the phase, the system is able to scan the antenna pattern in 2D and 3D in just seconds. It’s the most critical test item of phase array antennas that the traditional testing method cannot perform on a production line.

Breakthrough Speed

100x faster than any industrial testing method

Compact System

Pure electric beam scan in ultra-small box without motor interference or limitations

Best Cost & Time Ratio

Integrated HW/SW innovative design with the best TCO value


5G NR mmWave OTA Solution for Production

What is XBeam?

XBeam is an Over-The-Air (OTA) testing solution without mechanical positioners. XBeam with pure electronic beam-to-beam measurement is 100 times faster than any traditional method.

OTA is the only way to test the mmWave AiP modules. However, traditional CATR with slow positioners and bulky chamber is inadequate in production line testing. TMYTEK creates XBeam to improve mmWave module testing efficiency and to meet your production goals at a reasonable cost.

Why XBeam?

Automation Ready

The small footprint design makes XBeam easy to integrate with automation test equipment, like a handler

Fast Testing Speed

Unlike traditional CATR with mechanical positioners, XBeam, with cutting-edge Over-the-air patent technologies, is 100 times faster


With TMYTEK's ultra-wideband up / down converter (UD Box), it makes reuse of sub-6 GHz analyzers possible to save the cost of instrumentation

Hardware And Software

XBeam is an Over-The-Air (OTA) testing solution without mechanical positioners. Pure electronic beam-to-beam measurement is 100 times faster than any traditional method. Unique features are realized by the Hardware Engine and the Software Package


Calibrates phased array OTA efficiently


Measures and identifies broken DUTs


Measures beams in different beam angles with an electronic approach

XBeam Software Package

To control mmWave beams and to capture measurement data out of the instruments, XBeam Software Package abstracts the functions into different HALs (Hardware Abstraction Layer) so that XBeam is universal to various analyzers and accessible to automated testing.

Beam Engine XBE

A small footprint isolation box contains TMYTEK patented technology BeamPicassoTM, enables the measurement of DUT beams from different angles without stepping motors. The pure electronic operation makes XBeam extremely fast and reliable. TMYTEK 5G BBox is the core of XBeam's mmWave probe. Along with our ultra-wideband up/down converter (UD Box) makes reuse of Sub 6 GHz analyzers possible to save the cost of instrumentation.

Radio Communication Analyzer

XBeam supports most of the Sub 6 GHz and mmWave instruments. For more information, please contact sales@tmytek.com.

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